Bet £5 Get £20/£30 in Free Bets

Five Pound NoteA fiver is generally the minimum you can deposit into a betting site, but small deposits don’t need to mean small bonuses – there are plenty of bookies out there desperate for your business who are willing to reward your £5 deposit with £20, £30 or even more in free bets.

On this page you’ll see a list of all of the offers that can be claimed with a five pound deposit. For slightly bigger deposits you may also want to check our £10 deposit page as well.

£5 Minimum Deposit Free Bets

How Much Can I Get For a £5 Deposit?

There are quite a few of these low deposit offers kicking around on the web at the moment, most of which fall into the £20 to £30 range – meaning that you could receive 4x to 6x your initial deposit and bet as free bets. Realistically it’s quite unlikely to see bigger numbers and the trend probably won’t last forever so if you fancy any of them then grab them whilst you can.

Offer Format

Four Money Bags

In the majority of cases with these kinds of high percentage / low deposit free bets you’re going to receive a bundle of smaller free bets rather than just one big one. So if you bet £5 and receive £20 in free bets you’re probably going to get them as four x £5 free bets, or something similar to that – simply so that you’re not forced to bet it all on one wager.

This mainly applies to betting sites who award their promos as fixed tokens. That is to say, if you recieve a £10 free bet it has to be used all in one go and not split up into smaller bets. In contrast to this, some sites allow you to break the bets up however you like – for these it’s unlikely that you’ll receive multiple tokens as there would be no need.

The only difference to this is when it combines different products, which we’ll address in our next section.

Sports & Casino Combined

Sometimes not all of the bonuses are for sports bets. In fact, the more generous ones tend to be a combination of sports and casino. So if you’re getting £30 in rewards on a £5 deposit and bet, it may consist of £20 in sports bets and £10 to play in the casino.

Horse Racing and Casino Slots

We’ve also occasionally seen sites that offer additional free spins on top of the already generous sign up offer. Meaning that you might not just get £20 in free bets for your fiver, but also some casino spins as well.

Note: Sports and casino offers will almost certainly have different rules, requirements and wagering so make sure you pay close attention to what you’re able to do with the bonus.

What is the Minimum Bet I Can Place?

Chances are if you’re looking at five pound minimum deposit sites then you’re not looking to place massive bets. The lowest bet you can place to claim the offers above is going to be £5, so if you deposit the minimum you’ll need to bet the whole thing to claim the free bets.

As we mentioned earlier many sites issue their free bets as tokens so again you’ll need to place the whole thing in one go. There may also be restrictions on what you can place those bets on and you generally can’t use a £5 free bet on a 33p bet per line Lucky 15, for example.

For more information on what you normally can and can’t bet on with a free bet, see the common exclusions section of our main free bets page.

But what about when no bonus is involved?

Until now we’ve mainly been talking about how free bets are handled. But what about regular day to day betting? Assuming that your non-bonus bets will also be small in size then you could well wonder if that five pound minimum applies generally.

If so then you’ll be pleased to hear that most bookmakers actually offer very low minimum bets and it’s not uncommon to see sites that accept bets as low as 1p. Below you’ll find two bets that were placed moments ago for 1p a piece, one on horse racing and one for football:

1p Minimum Bets on Horse Racing and Football

Now obviously the returns are going to be on the small side, but it is nice to know that if you want some money on a game or race you can pretty much bet as low as you like – assuming you’re with the right bookie.

So who is the best bookmaker for low stakes?

The example above were taken with Ladbrokes who are our number one pick for low limit betting.