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SuperLenny has closed down.

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The following information has been left for reference purposes but is no longer updated.

About SuperLenny

A massive problem in the gambling industry these days is repetition. The marketplace is highly saturated, which makes it doubly difficult for companies to dive in a break the mould with an eye-catching addition. But, SuperLenny is one of the few newer brands that have managed to do this.

The company have taken to the industry in a tongue in cheek manor, not too dissimilar to that of PaddyPower. Lenny, is essentially a well dressed deer, who has seen a thing or two over the years if the synopsis on their website is anything to go by. But, whilst comedy is clearly a part in the makeup of the company, underneath is a more than capable sportsbook and casino, of which we will discuss below.

SuperLenny might seem like a fairly new brand, and that’s because essentially they are. Formed in 2014 the company have developed an operating base including both sports betting and casino products for their punters. But, the company are actually owned by Betit Operation, whom most of you will likely have never heard of. Well, Betit currently already own a number of gambling outlets including Thrills Casino and Kaboo Casino, although it’s only SuperLenny that they have decided to include sports with.

SuperLenny is both based and licensed in Malta under the Malta Gaming Authority. This license ensures player safety through both their sports betting and casino platform, making it super safe for punters.

Whilst the opening few years have been exciting for SuperLenny, it will be very interesting to see where they head over the next 5 years or so. The progress that they have made in a relatively short space of time shouldn’t be underestimated and if they continue to move forward with the same sort of style and finish that they have shown up to now, they could move on to be a really strong player in both the casino and sports betting sectors, respectively.