Sports Betting Guides

Betting on sports is huge in the UK, with billions wagered every year on a wide range of events. In this section we look at the various online bookmakers and betting sites who are waiting to accept your bets (all legal and licensed by the Gambling Commission, of course). We also provide guides to betting on various sports, from the big (football and horse racing) to the more obscure (hurling anyone?).

If you’re just looking for our top recommendations, head straight over to our top 10 betting sites page which lists only the very best betting sites. And if you’re crazy for offers, then you’re going to want to check our our free bets page.

We have also written a series of guides specific to various sports. This is because not all sports betting sites offer equal coverage of different sports, and you’ll often find that there are sports that a bookie gives better coverage to (in terms of markets and promotions offered) and some that fall a little to the wayside. You can find a list of these guides below.