Darts Betting Guide

Darts may not be classed as a sport by some people, with its associations with beer and overweight competitors. Elite sport, game or simply a way to pass time whilst drinking, darts – and betting on it – is growing in popularity as it reaches a wider audience due to growing television coverage.

The bookmakers in the table below offer a huge range of different markets and events on which to bet and with lots of promotions running alongside the biggest competitions you stand a great chance of making a few quid. Given a little bet also serves to ratchet up the tension and excitement, why not sign up for a free bet and get involved?

Popular Darts Betting Markets

Darts is easy enough to understand and very simple to bet on. Below are the five best betting markets for beginners, although they are sure to appeal to seasoned darts betting experts too.

  • Match Winner – Whatever the tournament the most popular bet is on which player will win a given match. Apart from in league-format contests there is no draw so it’s a straight choice between two players.
  • Tournament Outright – Betting on which player will win a given event is a way to maintain an interest throughout the tournament. Each-way betting is also available, paying out at ½ the odds if your selection makes the final.
  • Correct Score – Like correct score betting in football and other sports this is a way to up the odds and increase your payout. Select the score in sets you think a given player will win by.
  • Nine Dart Finish – This bet will last the entire tournament (unless it wins earlier) and is a simple yes or no bet on whether anyone will complete a nine dart leg in the event.
  • Handicap Betting – With many darts matches being one-sided, especially in the early rounds, the lesser player can often be backed with a positive handicap.

Major Tournaments

  • PDC World Championship – The most important event on the calendar this is one of two world championships sanctioned by rival governing bodies. The PDC features the best players and highest quality darts.
  • BDO World Championship – The BDO is the other main prize and is held in early January, just after the finish of the PDC contest. Players only play in one of these finals but both are great for a two month darts betting marathon.
  • World Masters – Sanctioned by the BDO this is the second biggest tournament of the year and is played towards the end of the year, usually around October to November.
  • World Matchplay – The PDC’s second-most sort after competition is held in Blackpool and is played over a legs (as opposed to sets) format and is held in July. Fast and furious, it’s great for betting.
  • Premier League – The newest of the big tournaments this one was created in 2005 and is contested between February and May, with matches between top PDC players played every week. The league format means plenty of regular betting opportunities during the season.