Coral Connect Card

Coral Launch the Coral Connect Card

British bookmaker, Coral, have launched a new card that they hope will act as an all-encompassing card that, quite literally, connects their online service to the in-store experience. It has been designed to encompass all aspects of the gambling experience offered by Coral, putting all of the company’s services together to ensure that customers don’t miss out on anything.

The single wallet card will be able to be used across all of the company’s betting channels, from their online site through to the machines located in their shops. It makes use of the developing contactless technology and, much like a debit card, requires users to enter a pin. Launched ahead of the World Cup this summer, it follows a successful pilot scheme.

How the Card Will Work

The card is basically designed to offer Coral customers increased flexibility in how they access their cash. If they win money in a shop, for instance, the winnings can be put onto their card and then used in their online account. Equally, money won online can be transferred to the card and used to place bets when customers are in a Coral shop.

Coral’s Marketing Director, Olly Raeburn, pointed out that the flexibility offered by the Coral Connect card will be useful for customers during this summer’s football tournament. He said, “We see this as being particularly useful during the World Cup with kick off times fairly evenly split before and after shops close for the night”, summing up the reason for the launch date.

One of the main beneficiaries will be people who enjoy playing on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in Coral stores. At the moment, they have to wait for as long as three days for any winnings to be paid onto their debit card, but with the Coral Connect card this will be an immediate transfer. Even large amounts will be paid onto the card straight away.

Helping Customers Control Their Betting

Olly Raeburn believes that the new Coral Connect card will give customers a greater sense of control over their money, giving people a greater sense of transparency when it comes to knowing what’s in their account. He referenced the industry’s current watch phrase of ‘set your limits, know your limits’ in suggesting that the card will allow people to do just that.

Raeburn said, “The card works hand-in-hand as it gives customers greater transparency as to what they have in their account and what they’ve used.” The combination of being able to see how much money is in a customer’s account as well as using money in all of Coral’s various betting places means that the card is likely to be popular once Coral have got the word out about it.

Driving Forward

Coral tested out the Connect card in a small pilot scheme back in January. It has now rolled it out in time for the Cheltenham Festival, which will be an ideal time for the company to publicise it. The feedback from both staff and customers was positive after the pilot scheme, with Coral now hoping that a wider launch will allow them to continue driving forward.

There is a hope that Coral will be able to develop its multi-channel offering in the coming months and years. Their recent purchase of Cool Games in order to expand its gaming division signifies as much. They’ve also recently signed agreements with companies that specialise in social gaming, aiming to deliver content that is exclusive across all channels.

Your Card, Your Rules

Coral are promoting the card by telling punters that it’s ‘Your Card, Your Rules’. The idea is that it gives users flexibility to decide how to use their money and in what fashion. Bettors will be able to take up to £500 out in cash in one of Coral’s shops, whilst no bank account is required to sign up to use the card if people don’t wish to use one.

Instead, customers will be able to add funds to their card in-shop as when they wish to. Coral will have access to the information on the cards, meaning that they can step in if a user is exhibiting behaviour that seems unusual or unhealthy. Whilst some customers won’t enjoy such an invasion on their privacy, others will appreciate Coral’s ability to look out for problem gamblers.

Use It Wherever You Want

Without question, the key thing that the card offers customers is the ability to use it however they want. Whether they use their mobile phone, their tablet, a computer or go into shops in person to bet, the Coral Connect card gives punters the flexibility to use it how they wish. If bets turn into winners then the card will allow people to withdraw money from a Coral shop immediately.

Coral have nearly two thousand shops around the United Kingdom, meaning that customers of theirs have plenty of options of where to sign up for the card and where to withdraw any winnings. Uniting all of Coral’s various betting platforms makes the card a must-have for regular bettors, who can pick one up by giving their username to someone in a Coral shop.