Ladbrokes The Grid

Ladbrokes Launches ‘The Grid’

Ladbrokes have launched a new service that will combine their online and in-store operations whilst presenting customers with the ability to earn loyalty bonuses. The Grid will give customers either a fob or a card that is linked to their online betting account, meaning that they can earn player points every time they place a bet or use a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal.

Not only that, but The Grid users will get benefits, such as the ability to take advantage of special offers from numerous non-gambling companies. The likes of Papa John’s Pizza, cinema chains and Toff’s Football Shirts will allow people to use discounts courtesy of their membership of The Grid. On top of all of that, you’ll be able to transfer winnings from a bet placed in-store to your online betting account.

What The Grid Is

The Grid is a combination of loyalty card and the ability to use your shop and online credit together. Users can earn points with every bet that they place, which can then be put towards prize draws. One point is the equivalent of one entry in the prize draw and you gain a point for every £4 that you bet. If you play slots then it’s one point for every £10 bet, whilst every £20 bet on roulette will earn one point.

The Grid operates on a card or a fob and there is even a mobile phone application to mean that you don’t need to worry if you forget either of them. You can use it to deposit in a shop and then use the money to bet online, or you can bet online and then withdraw any of your winnings in a Ladbrokes shop. It’s a way of combining your Ladbrokes accounts and being rewarded for your loyalty.

How to Get a Card

If you like the sound of The Grid then you’ll be able to take advantage of this new service by opening a new account on the Ladbrokes website. If you’re already a member of Ladbrokes’ online service then you simply need to login to your account and apply for a card. It’s an entirely free service, so if you use Ladbrokes on even a semi-regular basis then you’d be silly not to take advantage of it.

Of course, not everyone who bets likes to do so online and plenty of Ladbrokes’ customers tend to bet online in the shop. If that’s the category that you fall into then you simply need to fill in an application form for a membership to The Grid when you’re in the shop and hand it to the cashier. Your card or fob will then be sent to the address that you have registered with Ladbrokes, allowing you start using it.

Advantages of Getting a Grid Membership

There are numerous reasons as to why a bettor might wish to take advantage of the launch of The Grid. If you are a regular user of Ladbrokes’ services then you’d be silly not to, given that you’ll be earning loyalty points every time you place a bet, which you were going to do anyway. At the time of launch, the following advantages are the most obvious of your attention:

  • Transfer your winnings between shop bets and online ones, allowing you to get your winnings into your account without needing to go back to the shop with your betting slip
  • Track bets placed in a Ladbrokes bookmakers with your app
  • Monitor your accumulator bets using The Grid app
  • Cash Out bets, even if you placed them in the shop. Simply use the app to monitor your wagers and take the Cash Out offer
  • Use The Grid Cash Key to ensure that you can take advantage of offers that are made when playing on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in a Ladbrokes shop

Rewards Via The Grid

Ladbrokes have teamed up with a host of retailers in order to offer customers with a membership of The Grid various different discounts and rewards. Here’s a look at the rewards being offered on launch of The Grid, which will doubtless improve in the coming months as the card becomes more established:

  • 50% Off Cinema Tickets
  • 2 for 1 Tickets At UK-Based Race Courses
  • 36% Off A Now TV Day Pass
  • 50% Off Food At Yates Pubs
  • 20% Off Treatme Experiences
  • 2 for 1 Pizzas At Papa John’s
  • 10% Off At Kitbag & 20% Off At Toffs

Each point earned using The Grid card gives customers an entry into the Ladbrokes prize draw. There are both major and minor prizes in the draw, ranging from something as spectacular as a four-night trip to Las Vegas for two. There are also the likes of forty-two inch TVs to be won, so there’s plenty on offer for customers. It is only available to Ladbrokes customers in the UK at the time of writing.