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If you’re not the sort of person with your finger on the pulse of the online betting world then you’d be forgiven for thinking that NetBet was a reasonably new site on the market. You’d be very wrong, however, given that the company launched its site in 2001 and was one of the earliest adopters of technology that has now become common place for gambling companies. They’re a pleasing company to use thanks to their wealth of options.

When you sign in to the site you’ll have to make a choice between virtual sports, a casino, a live casino, a Las Vegas style slot emporium, online poker and a lottery section. On top of all of that, of course, there’s also a comprehensive sportsbook. They cover all of the major sports that you’re going to want to bet on, doing so with enough coverage to keep pretty much every sports fan happy.

About NetBet

Netbet have been kicking around the betting industry since 2001, but now they have developed into more than just a sports book, with casino and poker offering for their customers as well. It’s pretty fair to say that the company aren’t the most iconic in the industry, but they are a brand that if you aren’t familiar with, you should be!

What’s been interesting to see about Netbet is their willingness to improve, highlighted by the companies recent facelift in both their casino and sports offerings.

The company has been kicking about since 2001, which is actually quite a long time, considering that they are really thought of as one of the major players in any aspect of the gambling industry. However, the time gives them experience and this is often one of the most valuable tools in the industry, making them into a force that should at worst be considered before choosing a rival brand.

Netbet, based out of Malta are licensed by the UK Gaming Authority, which is one of the high accolades for any gambling company wanting to offer first class support to their customer base. This allows them to trade to a number of different countries around the world legally.

The company have taken big strides over the last couple of years and to be honest, the time and money put into improving the brand is certainly starting to show. We were highly impressed with the casino, poker and sportsbook, although it’s clear that the sportsbook has probably seen the most in terms of investment over the last few years. If the company continue to do what they are doing, then they are going to be a strong option for all players of all disciplines over the next few years.